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Seasonal Board Promotions…

How about using your boards for short-term advertising and promotional campaigns?

Many of our customers have, in the past, used such things as major sporting events and seasonal occasions to create unique and eye-catching board designs that have proven to be major successes in their marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

A batch of boards changed over for a short period of time certainly gets you noticed & gets people talking! What other businesses have the opportunity of using multiple site locations to promote their brands without major advertising campaign expenses.

We are also able to create bespoke ‘correx post plaques’ and ‘slips’ for less cost than a full board change, and they can prove to be just as successful, We produce many ‘overslips’ for such things as school fair days (sponsored through the agents) and QR / text plaques to promote the companies’ websites and/or individual property details.

Seasonal Board examples

Seasonal Boards

A full range of post plaques is available e.g. Viewing By Appointment, Similar Properties Required, Ground Floor Flat, Conservatory to Rear, etc…

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