Reflective / Innovative Boards

True Reflective Boards…

Few companies offer ‘reflective boards’ and of those that do only offer a ‘true reflective board’.

We were asked by one of our clients to develop a true reflective board that they were unable to purchase elsewhere, We use a traffic grade, class 3 reflective material as a base to the print, adding colours & design as required to create a board that ‘glows’ in car headlights.

Please note, careful consideration is required when designing such a board to maximise the reflective material to its best effect. The ‘white’ of the design is the part that reflects. Either the full board or part of the board can be produced in such a way (please note that in daylight it looks slightly grey because of the metal particles in the material).

Full colour & shaped boards can be used in conjunction with the reflective material.

Reflective Boards

Reflective Boards

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